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From Classes to Comissions

“I had the pleasure to participate in a beginner diorama workshop that Courtney hosted. She is both extremely knowledgeable in her craft and gentle in her teaching. She takes the time to introduce the participants with the basics of the teaching and during the workshop she gives input and suggestions on the builds. Guiding each participant in the journey of creating their own vision. Her experience in the craft translates so well in her teachings. She is the kind of teacher that uplifts each student highlighting their current skills and joining new ones. Anyone that has the opportunity to take part in her teachings will come out feeling accomplished, confident, and ready to create more!”

    • Perry Parker (@p.r.parker)

“I took one of your beginner classes at Table Top. I was very nervous walking in and not knowing what to expect, but met with such compassion and kindness. It ended up making me realize I had a love for miniature painting without even knowing it! I had watched some YouTube so I knew the "basics" going in, and have an artistic background. To which you easily adapted and were able to teach me new techniques and give great opinions on what you thought would be good colour choices for my miniature! I'm still proud to show off my first mini, and go ya! I painted that!

Thank you for all you do, and all your positive postings. I can't wait to see you go so far, because you deserve it!”

  • Amanda Schultz (@triplea2604)

“My first time painting a miniature was at a painting class for beginners Courtney hosted at a local gaming cafe. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming and fun introduction to the hobby. Courtney is an extremely talented artist and a gifted teacher. She engages with each of her students, learning what they hope to accomplish with their hobby time. She then helps them along their journey by demonstrating techniques, sharing materials for practice, and providing constructive feedback on her students' work. I would recommend her classes to anyone who has an interest in miniature painting or who wishes to improve their skills. The world of miniature painting is lucky to have her as an ambassador for the community.”

Kate Wagontall

“Courtney has been providing excellent painting classes at Table Top Cafe for several years now. She is kind, friendly, patient, and skilled at her art. Her classes have been quite popular, see several repeat customers, and I always look forward to the next one.”

Brian Flowers Owner of Table Top Cafe

“My wife Nichole and I recently took part in a beginners mini painting class with Courtney and it was absolutely wonderful. Courtney provided great tips and tricks for getting started while making the night out very fun and easy going, especially when neither of us had ever painted a mini before. My wife has continued painting frequently since, arranging paint nights with our two daughters who have now fallen in love with the art as well. Thanks so much Courtney! “

-David Tuff

“I found Courtney on Instagram through her incredible paint job posts and realized she was local to me (3 hours) so over the last couple of years I’ve commissioned her to paint quite a few minis and wow does she ever deliver! The miniatures are always painted to amazing detail and she paints at extremely fast speeds. I’ve even had a box of minis back in the same week I sent them out! I always let her have artistic control of how she wants to paint them but I’ve seen her do many paint jobs for others that matches the box art perfectly. Courtney is always wonderful to work with, has great rates and keeps you updated on her progress. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to have some minis commissioned.”

    • Jim

"Courtney is an outstanding artist and generously offers her talents through workshops. She has an extensive kit of supplies, diversity of skills when it comes to miniatures, and such a welcoming and great attitude. Courtney provides a range of workshops for all skill levels including for youth and those experienced in the hobby. She has unique insight and hands on exercises that you can only get at an in-person experience. Most importantly: Courtney makes learning so much fun! Her enthusiasm for the hobby and getting newcomers comfortable with the tricks and tools is a joy to see. If you think you've mastered the hobby, think again, Courtney has workshops that will expand your creativity and skills at an intermediate and advanced level. I highly recommend any of Courtney's workshops!"

  • Sylvia Douglas, Co-Owner of Rolling Tales Pop Culture (Edmonton, Alberta) 

“I’m an avid gamer who does not have the time nor skill to paint my minis, but does truly appreciate how much of a wow factor painted minis brings to games. 
Figuratively Speaking Minis is easily the best painter I’ve commissioned.  She provides great tabletop quality and fast results.  I’ve had her paint wargames and board game minis and have always been impressed with the results. 
A great deal of board games have some fantastic minis that have subtle details that you don’t see unpainted.  It’s always a joy to see these features brought to life by her skills.
Even when the minis themselves end up being a lower than average standard sculpts, as we’ve discovered together from some board games, she finds a way to make them work.
She is a passionate and evolving painter.  I simply cannot recommend her enough.”

Warm regards,
Trent Yacuk

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